Seeds for Eco Communities is built upon a strong passion for the environment. 

The people who make up the Board of Directors, Advisory Committee and volunteers for Seeds for Eco Communities have committed to be part of a team to help others live in balance and harmony with the natural environment. By providing tools, resources and advice on the building of eco communities our hope is to make this sustainable living attainable and accessible for all.

Seeds for Eco Communities believes this balance, respect for one another and respect for the environment, are essential in building successful and healthy communities for future generations. 

Our mission is to share information, tools and confidence with people around the world on how to start living healthy and sustainably through a respectful relationship with the surrounding lands and waters in low/zero impact eco communities

What was once a dream is now a reality and we hope you join us on the road to building our pilot eco community and in supporting others to build their own eco communities around the globe.

We are asking for your help to make our vision of a sustainable life a reality for all, starting with our pilot eco community. Please donate if you can and share our campaign! Help us spread the word and support the conservation, protection and restoration of the environment!

For more information about us, our mission statement, goals and projects visit us at

-Seeds for Eco Communities Team

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